Momprenuer Life

Happy Mother’s day to all of our Pinnovate Mama’s today! I’ve used this analogy a few times this year, and as year 2 comes around the bend, I can’t help but get nostalgic, especially on Mother’s Day. The truth is when we came up with the concept of Pinnovate, we were toying with the idea […]

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In the beginning …

This past year with we have had an influx of curiosity about our story. The concept, the ideas and how Pinnovate came to be. So we thought we’d share a little bit about ourselves.The reality is that Pinnovate began with an event, that spawned an idea, which turned into a rash decision, which snowballed into […]

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20-Pinnov-18 and our favourite workshops for January!

Welcome to 20-Pinnov-18! 2018…already?! We are already into a new year and we have hit the ground running! Now, we can’t move ahead without paying a little respect to 2017! What more could we say about the past 6 months and all that we’ve accomplished. Everyone at Pinnovate is extremely proud of our first steps, […]

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